Hello You, It's Me

I am thrilled to finally meet you *High Five*

Words do little to capture the essence of who we truly are, but here's a wee taste:


I'm Michaela Lloyd, a Transformational Life Coach and the creator of The True You Rising. I am on a mission to connect amazing humans with their unique, irreplaceable light and bring forth a movement of real, brave, loving humans who know they don't need to be "perfect" to be worthy of love and acceptance. By guiding clients through the thoughts and beliefs that keep them stuck in their present reality, I guide them through falling in love with who they uniquely are. They get the courage and confidence to be and express themselves unapologetically, because they finally trust and understand who they uniquely are! I know we each have our own unique path to walk in this life and by embracing who you (and only you!) genuinely are we have the courage to claim the unbelievable life that's manifesting before our eyes.

The ‘real world’ stuff:

  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Honours in Psychology (First Class)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and International Relations
  • Worked in mental health, criminal justice and leadership development

Some truths about me:

  • I’m still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts
  • I frequently lower the tone of a conversation with a “that’s what she said…” joke
  • When I tell people I was a Probation Officer it's always met with a "You??... Really??..." Yes. And I'm as surprised as they are
  • A psychic told me I was burnt at the stake in a past life... It seems I’ve always stuck it to ‘The Man’
  • I feel most like myself when I’m droppin' it like it’s hot on the dance floor - even though my moves are fuelled by cups of tea and you can count on me to be asleep by midnight
  • I justify my ridiculous behaviour based on the phases of the moon and I find crystals in most of my pockets: Fact.

the Real story...

The True You Rising is a natural extension of my own journey, but it's a journey that was largely invisible to the outside world... See I've always looked like I had my shit together. I had cool friends, respectable jobs, a lovin' family and a good head on my shoulders. I was always that person you could rely on for legit advice and a feel-good boost when your life was falling to pieces. But the thing is... behind my positive demeanour no one knew that I just never ever felt good enough as I was... 

Let's get really real for a second. I spent half my life feeling somewhere between gross and mediocre, and the other half fantasizing about who I could become "one day" if I worked hard enough. I would punish my body at the gym for never being slim enough (or buff enough in a weird stage I went through...). I cursed my teeth for not being straight enough and my boobs for not being big enough. I wasn't comfortable being naked around my long-term boyfriend even though he adored me - thank you dimmed lighting! I was terrified of not succeeding by other people's standards, even though I pretended otherwise. I felt wrong, stupid or hurt when people disagreed with me so I kept so much of what I thought to myself. Everything was carefully considered before it escaped my lips so I could make a certain impression. I built up this independent woman persona when so often I felt like a scared little girl that was desperate to be loved and approved of. And I hated that I cared so much! I knew better! I knew that I should love myself as I was, just like I'd lovingly told countless friends - followed by "Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrl you don't need to change a thing, you're faaabulous!" (read in the sassiest voice you can muster). But when it came to me... I felt like the special exception that just had to become better, different or more "perfect" to be good enough.

But "good enough for what?!" "Good enough for who?!" When I started to ask myself these questions the penny dropped... I realised that the person I was trying to be good enough for was myself. I was trying to be good enough for this ideal version I'd created in my head of who I was supposed to be. Yes, I'd seen a lot of things on TV, in magazines and on Facebook, but I was the one who swallowed them whole and kept saying "you're not good enough" when no one else was watching. I secretly blamed "the world" for not accepting and loving me as I was when, in truth, I didn't accept or love myself as I was... And no amount of kilos lost, work perks gained, affection received or goals achieved could ever make a permanent dent, because as soon as I got there the goal posts moved. On a deeper level I knew that until I loved myself as I actually was, no amount of validation from the world could ever truly make me happy.

I went on a journey of personal development and realised I had spent my whole life living in a constant haze of thoughts - I never experienced myself and my life outside of the judgments, fears and stories I told myself about how I should be and who I should become. I had innocently become filled with self-defeating beliefs that tortured me anytime I tried to feel good about myself (cue: "yes, your bum definitely looks big in that") - but beliefs can change! I became somewhat of a mad scientist on subconscious programming (that's geek speak for choosing the beliefs we have) and experienced first-hand how we literally (repeat: literally!) create our reality from the inside out. When I saw myself through fresh eyes they reflected back such a loving, wise, well-intentioned human that wasn't lacking at all - I was the only version this world had of me! I felt comfortable and confident as I was and started easily connecting with people on a level I never knew was possible. I finally had the courage to make life fit in with me - and not the other way around. I could no longer stomach working in the public sector and was called to serve people in the most meaningful way I knew how. I now know that when you step out in life as you are, life will rise to meet you and there is no telling all the wonderful places you can go!

unspecified (10).jpeg

So, anyway, this is me... making a living from being myself and doing what I love. And trust me, if this girl can feel like a goddess then there is nothing standing in your way - except maybe a few bullshit stories. You are incredible. You are loved. You are exactly who you're meant to be.
It is my absolute honour to guide amazing humans back to their magnificent, authentic selves, so if you are ready to love yourself and the unique life you came here to lead then let's get chatting my love!

With all the love in the universe,
Michaela xox

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