When we work together I will personalise a coaching mentorship that's perfect for you. From body image to loving connections to life purpose and beyond, I can support you to feel like the empowered goddess you were born to be. Six sessions is the minimum length of my mentorships but the time-frame can be negotiated to suit your lifestyle and needs. The mentorship can naturally evolve to match your transformation so, rather than being a rigid plan, your mentorship will grow with you so you are completely supported.

To experience a beautiful transformation it requires that you are 110% devoted to taking full responsibility for your life and your mindset - I will hold the space, I will give you the tools, I will guide you back to your inner wisdom, but only YOU can do the work that creates lasting change. Every person comes with a different backstory and a unique essence, therefore, individual results will inevitably vary.

Example: 10 week Coaching Mentorship

Mentorship Overview:

  • 6 x 60 - 80 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (via Skype) weeks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10
  • Email support throughout the mentorship
  • Fun, effective weekly exercises to build a confident, powerful mindset
  • Bonus resources (in audio, video or pdf format) personalised to accelerate your transformation, i.e. inner peace guided meditation, guide to overcoming self-sabotaging habits etc.
  • 1 x complimentary 30 minute follow-up session (via Skype) after mentorship

Coaching session 1: Deep dive into where you are and where you're headed

  • Unearth your signature essence, unique values and your "non-negotiables" for a satisfied life
  • Establish goals for yourself, your relationships and your lifestyle for the duration of our mentorship
  • Identify the beliefs and thought patterns that are hurting you and create a plan to release them

Coaching session 2: Building an amazing, unique self-image & identity

  • How to stop judging, criticizing and comparing yourself to others
  • How to feel confident about who you are and what you have to offer
  • How to choose self-love over shame when you're not feeling good about yourself
  • Learning to highlight your strengths and remain true to your character regardless of where you are

Coaching session 3: Making best friends with your mind

  • How to overcome anxious over-thinking through simple exercises
  • How to re-train your mind so you feel naturally more positive and confident
  • Learning to tap into your inner wisdom/ intuition when you feel lost and uncertain
  • Understand the inside-out nature of reality and how to use your mind to manifest your desires

Coaching session 4: Fall in love with your emotions

  • How to prolong the high's and hold yourself compassionately through the low's
  • How to understand your emotions and use them as a powerful guidance system
  • Amplify your feminine energy to feel powerful through vulnerability
  • How to express your emotions in a high-value (or crazy and cathartic!) way

Coaching session 5: Attracting & creating genuine, deep, loving connections

  • How to attract people into your life that adore you as you are
  • How to feel good about yourself in relationships and be comfortably vulnerable during intimacy
  • How to maintain your identity in relationships and establish healthy boundaries
  • Using your feminine essence to create greater intimacy and deeper connections

Coaching session 6: Expressing yourself unapologetically & powerfully in social settings

  • How to feel confident in social situations and make a powerful impression
  • How to be honest, authentic and feel fully expressed, no matter who you're around
  • How to create non-superficial, meaningful moments from the first encounter and beyond
  • How to protect yourself from the negativity of others and stop being anxious of what they think

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