Humanity Needs YOU as you are!

This world doesn't need more people pleasers, yes men, line tow'ers and cheek turners.

This world doesn't need a filtered, polished, buffed, fluffed, glossy, perfect version of you that barely resembles the wild, brave, loving soul that beats within your chest!

There is a truth within you that is ready to rise. In fact, everything on your path has perfectly prepared you for this.

You are needed now.

You have a powerful message.

You have a unique purpose.

And you are completely and utterly good enough now.

Through working with me, you can stop struggling to be different or be better or be who you think you're supposed to be. You can stop comparing and criticising and judging yourself for who you truly are and who you're totally not.

The world doesn’t want you to be truly authentic to your soul...

So let’s get the true you rising once and for all!

Hey! I'm Michaela, a Transformational Life Coach and the creator of the True You Rising. It is my soul's mission to guide real, rad, loving humans past their limiting beliefs, fearful thoughts and feelings of lack and not enoughness (it's totally a word...). By breaking down the beliefs of who we should be, we discover the authentic, irreplaceable, unique soul that beams within your body! You have the opportunity to finally see yourself through new eyes and it feels fuckin' magical!

I am a Certified Life Coach, but most importantly I'm a real, rad, loving human being that has been coursed, over and over again, by the School of Life. And Hard Knocks, 'cos I'm rock'n'roll. At least, my mum says I am. I guide my clients deep into mindset mastery, radical self-love, genuine self-expression, energy dynamics, universal laws of consciousness and soul-centred, open-hearted connections.

Through my online video content, musings and one-on-one transformational coaching, I bring forth my unique understanding of how to finally fall in love with your existence from exactly where you stand. This is my truth. This is my message. This is my purpose. This is what I stand for. Quite simply, The True You Rising is my truth. It is my authentic message. It's my unique purpose. It is what I stand for. It is what brought consciousness to mere flesh and bone. So... yep, that's pretty much it. Find out more