"Through working with Michaela, the improvements are evident in the many opportunities that have opened up to me in a short amount of time. What helped me most was being aware of my thinking patterns and pushing through them with compassion and patience. Learning to dismiss of 'cancel out' thought patterns that were going to hold me back was so important. Because of this subtle but crucial shift in my attitude towards my own capabilities I was able to shine in all areas as an employer, employee, performer, artist, friend, lover... I stepped up to every open door with a stronger sense of confidence and purpose. Michaela's insights and advice is invaluable and her coaching continues to resonate day to day as I forge ahead carving the life of my dreams."
-Mo Ete, 27, Wellington, NZ. Performer, Writer & Singer (A Girl Named Mo)

"I am so deeply grateful for the time and devotion Michaela put into helping me sort through the issues in my life with her coaching. Michaela's wisdom was beautiful and divine and fresh and so personalized for me. She made a huge impact on my self love and how I will engage in romantic relationships, and my gratitude is immense. I am so thankful for her kindness, her love, her insight and her wisdom. It was just what I needed right when I needed it."
-Nova Om, 37, Oregon, U.S.A (After two sessions) Soul Alignment and Life Vision Coach

"I am so thankful for the work I have done with Michaela so far. In our sessions she provides amazing advice and has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my life. I feel so comfortable in her presence and have shared things that I hadn't talked about with anyone else, even my closest friends. Michaela is a great listener and such an easy person to be yourself around. I always look forward to our sessions and come away with plenty to consider. Now I have so much more confidence and love for myself which has already helped me develop in all areas of my life. I am so grateful to have Michaela as my coach and I am looking forward to our future sessions."
-Amy Robinson, 22, Wellington, NZ (After three sessions)

"I’ve had such a great time working with Michaela! She has such a positive energy and she’s the kind of person you can be honest with without fear of being judged – she's so easy to open up to. The main thing we initially worked on was changing my mindset to feel more positive in my life. Michaela has helped me to really improve my confidence and I’ve made amazing progress. At the beginning of my coaching I was firmly against dating, but with my increased confidence and positivity I found myself attracting men and being asked out on dates, and ended up dedicating two sessions to confidently navigating the dating landscape!
Michaela showed me how to use visualization techniques to make positive changes to my thinking and in my life. This was so beneficial to me – I have a really terrible memory so I benefit most from learning techniques that I can use myself. Michaela is an absolute treasure of a human being and truly sees the best in people. It’s so delightful to get coaching from someone who genuinely enjoys life and all its possibilities."
-Sarah Smith, 26, Wellington, NZ (After three sessions)

"It was an absolute pleasure to recently experience a coaching session with Michaela. For someone so young (compared to me) to have such wisdom, insight, perception and understanding is SO inspiring and exciting. Michaela has the ability to know exactly what questions to focus on and how to get to the core of those issues. For anyone considering seeing a coach, I can highly recommend Michaela. I feel she was born to do this... and she is very passionate about helping people."
-Alison Hills, 57, Wellington, NZ (After one session)