You... Walking with confidence. Feeling at ease in your skin.
Knowing you're enough. Feeling self-assured.
Naturally attracting people who love you for you.
Being playful in the present moment.
Experiencing the pleasure of fully expressing yourself
(and not just after a few wines...)

Feeling understood and appreciated.
Knowing you are wise. Knowing you are powerful.
Knowing you have a fulfilling, unique path in front of you.

You can. You will. You are in control

I see so many amazing, loving humans that are so busy trying to "fix" themselves or struggling to become who they "should" be that they don't embrace how amazing they are and what they have to offer. You are worthy of an inspiring, fulfilling life and deserve to feel confident and powerful. But if that's easier said than done, I am here for you my love.

coaching with me

I work with real, rad, loving humans one-on-one to guide them past feelings of lack and limitation so they can finally experience just how powerful they genuinely, uniquely are. If you want to fall in love with your self and your life you must let go of the beliefs, stories and excuses that always keep your happiness at arms length. When you have compassion and appreciation for yourself you will have the confidence to say "buh-bye" to situations that don't serve you and embrace opportunities that reflect your true value.

I am a Certified Life Coach but, most importantly, I am a human soul that has learnt to become naturally confident and easily accepting of myself after years of never thinking I was good enough. I struggled for so long to be "perfect" or like someone else just so I was worthy of being loved... but it never worked and always left me feeling alone, needy and flawed. Eventually I realised I couldn't rely on anything outside of myself to make me feel how I wanted to feel - so I went within.

In every session I am drawing upon my extensive learning, training and understanding of how we can move past our doubts, fears and insecurities by re-training our minds. I won't try to "fix" you because you're not broken and if you think that you are... then let's get to work on that belief. There is nothing superficial about our sessions. We're not just re-arranging furniture - we're addressing the root cause by diving deep into the beliefs, thoughts, fears, emotions and desires that keep you up at night. We will be honest. We will be real. You will be safe. You will be supported. And you will be loved every step of the way. Yeeaaahhh... I've got your back.

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how it works

If you are ready to go from feeling frustrated, unseen, afraid and misunderstood to feeling like a fully-expressed, naturally self-assured, loving, authentic human then I would love to hear from you! I create soul-nourishing coaching mentorships that are personalised to your needs and desires. No human is the same! Every expression of Life is unique. For an example of the amazing programmes I can design for you, click here...

If you are completely devoted to falling in love with your existence, contact me below for a complimentary 30 minute Authentic Self Discovery Session. There are no obligations attached to these delicious moments of connection, it's just an amazing opportunity for us to share a moment in time together. Relationships are the foundation for coaching so it's key that we both feel safe and excited to journey together. If we fit like a glove I will invite you to work with me - then we'll become best mates and take an amazing adventure together.

I am based in Wellington, New Zealand but all sessions are held over Skype/ Zoom - Transformation in the comfort of your own home. BOOM! *Fireworks*

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If you would love to arrange a complimentary 30 minute Authentic Self Discovery Session then apply below. I am excited to hear from you! I will contact you via email - so watch that space!

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